Hair Transplant

What Is Hair Transplantation ?

Hair transplantation is a treatment method applied to people who experience hair loss. In summary; It is planting in the area where the hair follicles are not active. The preferred area for active hair follicles is the nape of the person. The hair follicles in the nape area are the most resistant to baldness. The hair transplant process The donor is the patient himself. Hair taken from one patient cannot be transplanted to another patient. An opposite example was tried on twin brothers but failed.

The hair transplantation process is planned completely by looking at the current condition of the patient. The difference after the application can only be understood by specialist doctors. In other words, you get a completely natural look. The hair transplant area does not look different from other areas.

Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Turkey has made in the field of health, hair transplantation is one of the centers of attraction. People who want to have hair transplant in Europe, USA, Africa and Asia prefer Turkey. There are basically two reasons for this. Turkish doctors with proven success and reasonable prices. Turkey, which has achieved many firsts in the field of health, maintains this claim in hair transplantation . So much so that Turkey’s success in hair transplantation has also been the subject of a movie in Spain. The film is about a person’s hair transplant in Turkey and what he’s been through.

Pros and Cons of Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Let’s look at the pros and cons of hair transplantation in Turkey together .

Health infrastructure in Turkey is highly developed. The experience and expertise of Turkish doctors is the reason for the high success in hair transplantation. There is no negative aspect of hair transplant in Turkey . Every year, hundreds of thousands of people come to Turkey for hair transplant. It is a candidate for world leadership in this field. Affordable hair transplant packages and successful doctors are the pluses of your hair transplant in Turkey. In addition, the hospitality of the Turks shows itself in the health sector. Before and during the operation, healthcare professionals are extremely concerned. The only negative aspect of having a hair transplant in the country is that you are a few days away from your home.

Hair Transplant Risks and Side Effects


Hair transplantation is performed in private health clinics or hospitals. It is done in sterile environments. Therefore , the risk of side effects is extremely low . However, minor side effects can be observed. These side effects are of low severity and short duration. Let’s observe the side effects of hair transplantation together;

  • Bruising
  • Sensitivity on the scalp
  • Increased temperature and redness

side effects that can be seen after the operation .

Hair Transplantation Techniques and Types in Turkey

Hair transplantation techniques and types in Turkey are examined in 4 categories. These;

  • DHI hair transplant method
  • Sapphire Fue hair transplant method
  • Classic Fue hair transplant method
  • Robotic hair transplant method

Robotic Hair Transplant

Robotic hair transplantation method is a very new method. It can be thought of as a hair transplant method where there is no margin of error. The hair transplant robot automatically detects the space between the hairs, the direction and angle of hair growth, and the depth. The robot , which has special magnifying glasses, has the ability to show the follicular unit 10,000 times larger. This situation completely eliminates the margin of error in hair transplantation .

Classic FUT Hair Transplant Method

Classic FUT Hair Transplantation method is the oldest hair transplantation method. Hair is transplanted from one part of the head to the other. The follicle is shortened to 1 millimeter before removal. The area where the hair will be transplanted is anesthetized with the help of local anesthesia. Transfer application is carried out. The patient does not feel pain or pain thanks to local anesthesia. In this method, no cuts or stitches are made.

DHI Method

DHI hair transplantation method is the most common transplantation method. Before the method, the patient’s hair follicles are examined with high-resolution devices. Then, it is removed from the hair by means of a micromotor . It is placed in a special solution. The purpose here is to preserve the vitality of the hair follicle. Hair removal from the donor area ends. Then, the area to be transplanted is anesthetized with anesthesia. Finally, the hair is placed on the anesthetized area. It is transferred with a pen called Pen .

DHI Hair Transplant

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Sapphire FUE

In the Sapphire FUE method , the donor area from which the hair will be taken is shaved first . This area is then numbed. Then, the hair is collected one by one from the donor area with the help of a micro motor. It is placed in a special solution. The recipient area is anesthetized for transplantation. Then micro channels are opened with steel-tipped instruments. The collected hair follicles are transferred to these channels.

FUE Hair Transplant

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Hair Transplantation in Women

The process of female hair transplantation is different from that of men. In the methods applied to men, hair scraping is applied. This simplifies the donor collection and transplantation process. Hair scraping method is not preferred in women. In women, a certain area is usually opened from the nape root. The donor is collected from this area. Then it is planted one by one on the hairless area. The aim here is to achieve a more aesthetic and natural appearance.

Hair Transplant For Women

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Hair Analysis

Hair analysis is a process that can be applied in different ways. Hair analysis before transplantation gives information about the health of the hair. Thanks to the hair photos magnified 40 times , it is decided which areas should be transplanted. In addition, the success of the treatment is followed by hair analysis.

Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy is a treatment method that is started one month after hair transplantation. In the treatment applied in sessions, vitamins, minerals, nourishing and hair growth promoting liquid are injected into the scalp.

Hair Mesotherapy

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Hair Simulation

Hair simulation method is applied when there are not enough donors for hair transplantation. Hair simulation is not a treatment method. It can be defined as the application of a permanent make-up to the scalp. The dye is deposited between two skins with special needles. Thus, the impression is created that the patient has more hair.

The Other Transplant Techniques

Eyebrow Transplantation

It is applied to people who have lost eyebrows due to shedding or genetic factors. Hair follicles taken from the donor area are transplanted to the area where the eyebrows are shedding. When the process is completed, a completely natural hair appearance emerges.

Eyebrow Transplant

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Beard and Mustache Transplantation

It is a treatment method applied to the area where beard and mustache loss is experienced. Healthy hair follicles taken from the nape area are transplanted to the area where beard and mustache loss is experienced. After the procedure, a natural beard and mustache appearance is obtained.

Beard And Moustache Transplant Transplant

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Hair Transplant Process in Turkey

The hair transplant process also proceeds in certain procedures in Turkey. First, the patient is examined by a specialist doctor. The treatment method is decided. The patient is informed about the process.

What Should Be Considered Before Hair Transplantation?

Are some rules to be considered before hair transplantation . Compliance with these rules affects the success rate of the operation.

  • One week before the application should quit smoking. If you can’t quit, you should reduce it. Otherwise, the healing process will be adversely affected.
  • You should also not consume beverages containing alcohol and caffeine. In addition, green tea consumption should be stopped one week before the surgery.
  • chronic or acute diseases, you should inform your doctor. One week before the operation, you should stop using aspirin and multivitamins that prevent clotting . Otherwise, increased bleeding may occur.
  • All kinds of lotions and drugs applied to the hair should be discontinued 1 month in advance.
  • Hair should be washed before coming to the operation. However, nothing should be driven.
  • Having a full stomach makes you feel comfortable during the operation.
  • You should choose clothes that are easy to put on and take off. You should avoid clothing that may cause friction, especially in the head area.

Hair Transplantation Step by Step Process Steps

Hair Transplant Preparation

In the preparation phase of hair transplantation, the causes of hair loss are investigated. The suitability of the patient for hair transplantation is determined. For these, hair analysis and blood test are applied to the patient. All details during the operation are determined at the preparatory stage.

Before Hair Transplant

Before hair transplantation, it is determined how many grafts will be taken and where hair follicles will be planted. Then the patient is shaved for hair transplantation. The front hairline is determined.

During Hair Transplant

During hair transplantation, the whole head is disinfected first. Then, local anesthesia is applied to the donor area and the area where the transplantation will be made. In this way, the patient does not feel any pain or pain. The patient is provided with a comfortable operation. After the anesthesia procedure, the grafts It is started to be collected from the donor area. Grafts are collected one by one. It is kept in a special solution. Then, healthy hair follicles are planted in the area that needs to be planted.

After Hair Transplantation

There are details that patients should pay attention to after the hair transplantation process . Things to do after planting;

  • The area should be protected with high sensitivity for 3 days.
  • Sleep on your back for 3 days.
  • If you are exercising, you should take a break from sports. You should not have sexual intercourse. Sports and sexual intercourse cause sweating in the hair transplant area. It can damage the hair follicles.
  • Antibiotics should be used after hair transplantation. Alcohol should be avoided as it will delay the healing process.
  • It is strictly forbidden to enter the sea and the pool.

After the end of 3 days, the first washing process is carried out. This washing should be done in a hospital environment, not at home. In addition, without making sure that the hair follicles are fully seated, do not use gel, etc. It is not recommended to apply the products.

Hair Transplant Recovery Time and Process in Turkey

After hair transplant The donor area and the transplanted area enter the healing process . Then, a bandage is wrapped around the nape of the neck and the patient is discharged. After the first three days, the first wash is carried out. The person relaxes both mentally and physically. Afterwards, patients should continue the daily washing process. The first week is the holding period of the hair. Therefore, the area should be protected from impacts and sunlight. In the 2nd week, the crusts in the area of hair transplantation are completely shed. At the end of the first month, the recovery process continues at a high rate. Hair enters the process of growing together in the 4th month. It gets thicker with the 6th month. At the end of the 6th month, complaints such as injury and itching disappear. At the end of one year, the donor area and the transplanted area heal.

Hair Transplant Doctors in Turkey

The success of hair transplant doctors in Turkey has been registered worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world come to Turkey to have their hair transplanted. In the field of hair transplantation , our doctors are specialized in their profession.

Hair Transplantation in Turkey Clinics

Hair transplantation in Turkey is performed in hospitals and clinics. Almost all of the doctors working in the clinics are experts in their fields. Care should be taken about clinics that are not approved by the Ministry. It is a better choice to prefer clinics with proven success. SALUSS Medical Group It is among the clinics that provide the best service. We do hair transplantation as registered and supervised by the Ministry of Health.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Hair Transplant Center?

Criteria when choosing between hair transplant centers ;

  • It must be approved by the Ministry of Health.
  • Work permits must be completed.
  • Unhealthy methods should not be applied.
  • Clinics that have successfully passed all audits should be preferred.
  • Doctors working in the clinic must have their licenses completed.
  • It should have a sterile environment.
  • Finally, companies with experience in this field should be preferred.

Grafts Mean?

Although hair follicles come to mind when it comes to grafts , the two are different from each other. It is the name given to the structure that contains the skin and hair follicles in the graft . There may be 1 to 4 hair follicles in 1 graft ; The rate of skin in the graft determines how many hair follicles will be in it. There are 4 different types of grafts in total: single, double, triple and quadruple . It is the grafts with different ratios of hair follicles, not the hair follicles that are taken out from the root when transplanted during hair transplantation .

Hair Transplant Costs in Turkey 2022

Hair transplant costs in Turkey range from £2000 to £3000. The cost of the same operation ranges from £10,000 to £35,000 worldwide. According to these statistics, hair transplant in Turkey is 10 times cheaper than the rest of the world.

Hair Transplant Package in Turkey All Inclusive

The prices of hair transplant packages in Turkey vary depending on the clinics. Therefore, it is not possible to talk about an exact fee.

Hair Restoration

Hair restoration is a method that can be applied to people who experience significant hair loss. Shedding-resistant hair is taken from the donor area and transplanted to the balding area.