Hair Transplant For Women In Turkey(Female Hair Loss)

Hair Transplantation for Woman (Female Hair Transplant For Hair Loss)

What is hair transplantation for women? Hair loss is a symptom that does not differentiate between genders. It is an undesirable situation that can happen to any individual, male or female. Innovative solutions emerge with the development of medicine and technology. Hair loss in Woman is different from that in men. Generally, regional spills are experienced. The main causes of hair loss in Woman are as follows;

  • Unbalanced and malnutrition
  • Stress
  • Psychological distress
  • Cosmetic products or hormonal factors.

These negative and disturbing problems do not discriminate between genders. Hair transplantation is indispensable for physical appearance and aesthetics. For this reason, Woman with hair loss problems should apply for hair transplant treatment. Hair transplant treatments also aim to solve this problem.

Conditions such as the opening of the forehead and the formation of regional baldness are evident in Woman. Weak and imperfect hair adversely affects the delicate structure of Woman. In terms of psychology, it can also put you in undesirable situations. There are many innovative hair transplant treatments available for such hair loss problems. Our doctors usually scrape the hair in male hair transplant treatments. They collect donors from the scraped hair. This situation is not the same for Woman. Hair transplantation for Woman in Turkey takes place without shaving. The nape region is preferred as the donor site. Then donor collection takes place. This is the most important difference of the processes.

Pros and Cons of Hair Transplantation for Woman in Turkey

The article below, we have prepared the pros and cons of Hair Transplantation in Turkey for you . Hair transplantation for Woman is not a serious and vital operation. There may be negative situations that can be experienced in line with some factors. To eliminate the negative effects, you must follow the instructions. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure. Therefore, it may cause anxiety in patients. As SALUSS Medical Group , we carry out all operations with great precision and care. Therefore, the risks and side effects of hair transplantation for Woman are very low. We have explained it for you below.


Advantages of Hair Transplantation For Woman

  • We use the person’s own hair during the treatment . We take your own hair follicles from a hairy donor area. Then we plant it on the hairless area. This is how we do hair transplantation . Thus, we protect the aesthetics of the hair and give it naturalness. Your original hair strands and transplanted hair follicles will be the same color, texture and density.
  • Hair transplantation is an aesthetic operation. The purpose of transplantation is to give you a natural appearance. We use your hair to fill the areas where shedding occurs. In this way, we get a natural and youthful appearance. After hair transplantation , there will be a big change in your appearance in a positive way. In cases of baldness, people think you are older . Having a hair transplant beautifies and rejuvenates aesthetically.
  • Hair transplantation is a simple procedure. It does not involve complicated procedures before and after surgery. It has a transparent operation. Our doctors apply local anesthesia to the person at the beginning of the treatment. You do not feel symptoms such as aches and pains . October takes 4-5 hours and we finish the process in one session.
  • After your hair is transplanted, you do not take any special action. We use your own hair follicles during the treatment. Therefore, when the transplanted hair follicles grow, they look compatible with your natural hair. You can wash and style your hair as usual. Of course, you should do these treatments after the healing process is completed. We have prepared a hair wash process after transplantation. You can find it here.
  • Hair transplant treatment for Woman is completely safe. It does not carry a life-threatening risk. We do not use it to harm your hair during the treatment. Hair transplant treatment is the only method that gives you a very natural look. It would not be dangerous to take your hair and transplant it into bald areas.


Disadvantages of Hair Transplantation For Woman

  • Hair transplantation treatment , the recovery period is long for a successful result. The body does not heal overnight after transplantation. It takes 2 weeks for the transplanted area to heal. It takes 8 to 10 months for your hair to fully recover. During this time, our specialist doctors will assist you. It will give you information on how to care. You must strictly follow these instructions.
  • Vary according to the quality of the grafts taken from the donor area . If the grafts in your donor area are healthy and strong, the results will be better. Before the treatment, we determine the quality of your hair follicles with tests. We start the treatment process according to the results of this analysis.
  • After hair transplantation, there is a possibility of infection in the transplanted and grafted area . Especially in the first days of transplantation, you should pay attention to the planting area. We perform operations on the donor and recipient area. These areas become sensitive. Therefore, do not leave the area unprotected and open. If you leave it open, your chances of infection are high.
  • You will have a sensitive scalp after the operation. After the treatment, your scalp and hair do not return to normal immediately. Your scalp will go into the healing process after the surgery. It will be sensitive for a while. You may experience mild pain from time to time. You should take good care of the treated area until the healing process is completed.
Hair Transplant For Women hair loss
Hair Loss For Women

Hair Transplant Methods for Woman in Turkey

Hair loss problem is aesthetically negative. Many methods have been developed for these disadvantages. These hair transplant methods are permanent and do not pose a life-threatening risk. Let’s look at how hair transplantation methods are done.

Robotic Hair Transplant for Woman Turkey

Robotic hair transplantation in Woman is a new technique that has become widespread in recent years. There are two types of robotic hair transplantation methods. There are differences between the two methods. In both methods, the grafts to be taken from the donor area are determined. A robot is engaged to select and retrieve these grafts. Hair follicles in the donor area are 0.8 to 1 mm long. Careful determinations are made before treatment. The robot that performs this operation is managed with great precision. Therefore, 100% of the extracted grafts are intact. After sowing, it achieves a success rate of 97%. Microinjections are made to the area where the operation will be performed. You are prevented from feeling aches or pains. During the treatment, the epidermis is not damaged and there is no scar.

The advantages of robotic hair transplantation for woman in Turkey


  • Robot algorithms analyze hair structure, growth angle and frequency. This analysis makes the surgeon’s job easier and saves time.
  • The separation speed of the robot reduces the treatment time of hair transplantation by approximately 50%. It reduces the fatigue of the medical team for the transplant of the graft extracted by the robot . It helps them focus.
  • Patient comfort is more guaranteed than manual hair transplantation.
  • Robotic hair transplantation is faster in separation and analysis. For this reason, it can be 30% more affordable on average.
  • Robotic extraction process is more sensitive than manual methods. Post-operative trauma is less. The scars disappear 10 days after the treatment.

Robotic hair transplantation takes place faster than other methods. The waiting time of grafts kept in solution is shortened. This gives you a 97% better result.

Classic FUE for Woman (Via Micro Motors)

Abbreviation of this hair transplantation method is Follicular Unit Extraction ( FUE ). This method is highly preferred. The operation is performed by a specialist doctor. It takes the grafts from the donor area with the help of micro motor . After this procedure, a very small amount of scar remains in the area. The probability of scarring is very low. There is no situation that requires stitching. Less pain is felt in the Classic FUE hair transplant method for Woman . In addition, this technique is not limited to the back of the head as the donor area. Hair follicles in the area to be transplanted can be taken from any area. Another advantage is the rapid recovery process. You can contact us for information about which treatment method you will use for your hair transplant . As a result of the analysis and examination, the most suitable technique for hair transplantation treatment is recommended for you.

DHI Method for Woman ( Choi Pen implanter )

The DHI method for Woman does not require grooving. Therefore, it is a popular hair transplant method. For Woman, it is possible to use the DHI method . DHI method stands for Direct Hair implant . In this method, suitable grafts in the donor area are taken one by one. It is sown directly one with an implanter pen in the recipient area. The DHI method for Woman is among the most reliable techniques. It offers the most up-to-date and new techniques among modern hair transplantation techniques. Successful results of the DHI method increase the sense of confidence. It also removes doubts. The most recommended hair transplant technique for Woman in Turkey

Sapphire FUE for Woman (FUE Made with Sapphire Tips)

Sapphire FUE is recommended in terms of sterilization and hygiene. It is produced from precious sapphire ore. It is also called a sharp-tipped special surgical pen. It is an advanced version of the classical FUE technique. It offers a permanent solution to hair loss problems . Hair follicles taken from the donor area are transplanted one by one. It is a microsurgical procedure. This method leaves few marks. In the Sapphire FUE hair transplant method, tissue damage and trauma are considerably less. The channels opened by sapphire blades are much smaller. Smooth incision and shorter wound healing time. The results are tremendous. The hair transplant technique recommended for Woman in Turkey is Sapphire FUE .

Sapphire Fue Transplant For Women

What are the Differences Between DHI Method and Classical FUE Method?

The DHI method is the advanced version of the Classic FUE method. There are differences such as higher success rates, less tissue destruction.

  • Traditional FUE method, steel blades are assisted. Choi for October in DHI method An implanter pen is used.
  • Classical FUE method open U-shaped wounds. In the DHI method, no incision is made.
  • The success rate of operations performed with DHI method is higher than Classic FUE .

Who is Hair Transplant for Woman Applied to?

It is sufficient to be 18 years old for hair transplantation . After some analyzes and tests, the suitability of the person for treatment is determined. It is not applied to people with chronic diseases, substance abusers and pregnant people. Even if hair transplantation is performed in people who are addicted to drugs , the transplanted grafts cannot hold. This is due to the irregular functioning of the skin and body functions.

Apart from these, patients can have hair transplant treatment . During the treatment planning stage, our doctors inform about the tests. As a result of these tests, a decision is made to start treatment. Are you suitable for hair transplant treatment for Woman? If you are eligible, click for the roadmap.


Hair Transplant for Woman in Turkey Procedures Step By Step

There is very little difference between men and Woman in hair transplantation procedures. Usually the same process and steps work. hair transplant for Woman pre- personalized planning is created. Our doctors do some tests and blood tests to be suitable for hair transplant operation. As a result of these tests, you start treatment. Hair transplantation in Woman preparations are made. The area to be planted is determined and drawn. Afterwards, a suitable donor site is searched. The suitability of the donor site affects the success of the result. The appropriate region is determined. Grafts are collected according to the method . These grafts are kept in a special solution to preserve their vitality. Channel opening is performed in the receiving region. In the DHI method, the channel is not opened. Our specialist doctors start the planting process with precision.

The duration of the operation varies according to the amount of graft to be transplanted. In Woman, hair transplantation is done between the hairs without shaving. Minor bleeding during the operation is transmitted to other hairs. This is not something to be afraid of. It is normal because it is a surgical procedure. Hair transplant procedure in Woman After the first wash is done on the second day. The blood dries on the skin surface. Washing should be done carefully and properly. You can read our article for the washing process. Otherwise, dried blood causes discomfort due to the sensation it gives on the skin surface. It is useful to be sensitive during the operation. Fortunately, as SALUSS Medical Group , we always have a good and professional team.

Recovery Time After Process Hair Transplantation for Woman in Turkey

The recovery time after process hair transplantation for Woman may vary. After the hair transplant operation, tiny crusts are experienced in the transplanted area. After an average of 10 days, you can do your normal activities. For a healthy recovery process, you should follow the doctor’s instructions. If you do not take this situation seriously, you increase the risk of infection and bleeding. Things you should not do for a positive healing process :

  • In the operation, micro-processing is performed on your scalp. Your scalp becomes sensitive. You should avoid negativities such as pulling, itching, rubbing or impact.
  • Skin sensitivity , you should protect yourself from the sun for a minimum of 3 weeks.
  • During the healing process, you should sleep with your head elevated.

Hair Transplant Doctors for Women in Turkey

Turkey is the capital of Medical Tourism. The success, certificates and experiences of the doctor who will transplant determine the quality of treatment. You should work with doctors who are specialized and knowledgeable in their field. SALUSS Medical The Group works with internationally respected doctors. 100% successful doctors in hair transplantation You receive service by We are quite confident in ourselves. We are confident about these criteria and our service quality. We are waiting for you for enlightening information about hair transplant doctors for women in Turkey.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Hair Transplant Center for Woman?

Are some tips you should follow to choose a hair transplant center . These tips will help you choose the right clinic. Some of the points you should consider when choosing a hair transplant center are as follows;

  • Quality and capacity of the clinic
  • Technological and technical competencies
  • Expertise of staff
  • The way you are greeted
  • Transparent procedure
  • High success rates
  • Number of patients they host

In line with these considerations, it is up to you to make the best choice. The best choice is undoubtedly SALUSS Medical It will be a group .

Success Rate Hair Transplant for Woman in Turkey

Hair transplant success rate for women in Turkey is 98%. Turkey offers services at lower costs compared to other developed countries. It continues to host international patients. Turkey is one of the frequented centers for hair transplant treatment. Turkey manages to be at the top of the list in hair transplantation for women. Hair transplant surgeries have always been effective. Successful results have been achieved.

What is a graft, what do grafts mean?

Graft is a structure that contains skin and hair follicles. The graft does not represent a single hair follicle. 1 graft contains 1 to 4 hair follicles. The skin ratio in the graft determines the number of hair follicles. There are graft types such as single, double, triple and quadruple grafts. Hair follicle transplantation, which is mentioned in the treatment of hair transplantation, is technically graft transplantation.

Hair Transplant Cost for Woman in Turkey 2023

Turkey has an international reputation for hair transplantation . This is one of the details you need to know. Our experienced surgeons and the use of best techniques make other clinics out of competition. As we have an unrivaled quality, we are just as much in price. The prices you will encounter here are more affordable than in the UK, Netherlands or the United States. In addition, some factors in determining the cost are;

  • Analyzes made
  • Number of grafts to be transplanted
  • Costs vary according to many aspects such as the method to be applied.

You can call for the most accurate information on cost. We do not know any competitors in terms of the cost of hair transplantation for Woman .

All Inclusive Packages Hair Transplant for Woman in Turkey

You can reach our representatives for the all-inclusive hair transplant package for Woman in Turkey. We never keep hidden costs within our structure. We will offer you the most suitable options for the price and the best treatment. You can call us without fear. Let’s determine the cost of your hair transplant for women together. Let’s create the blueprint. Let us make you look more beautiful and natural than before SALUSS Medical Group .

Hair Transplantation For Women Before And After Images In Turkey

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