DHI(Direct Hair Implantation) Hair Transplantation Turkey


DHI(Direct Hair Implantation) Hair Transplantation

DHI hair transplant method is one of the newest techniques in hair transplant method. We use a medical pen called choi pen in DHI hair transplantation. After collecting the hair follicles, our doctors proceed directly to hair transplantation. DHI method is one of the newest applications among hair transplantation techniques. This method raises itself to higher levels with the developing medical technologies. In the DHI transplant method, our doctors collect hair follicles from the donor area. It does not make any cuts in the hair area. It is a hair transplantation technique in which direct transplantation is applied. Collecting and transplanting hair follicles is done at the same stage. DHI technique is also known as unshaven hair transplantation in our country.

DHI Choi Pen Hair Transplantation

The DHI method is an extremely new technique. In this method, the grafts are taken with the micro fue technique. No channel processing is required. The grafts are put into the tool we call a pen and sowing is done in one go. If the area to be transplanted is not too large, the DHI technique is preferred. Hair can be transplanted without shaving.

What is Choi Implanter Pen?

Choi implanter pen has a very thin design in shape. It has a cylinder-like structure and a sharp tip. It is also designed as a normal hair follicle channel. Hair Grafts are also advanced along this channel. It can then be inserted into the needle.

Why is DHI Hair Transplantation Helpful with Choi Pen?

Some advantages of Choi hair transplant Dhi method are;

1- Since the incision area is smaller, the risk of bleeding is also reduced to a least.

2- With this method, unshaven hair transplantation can be done more comfortably.

3- A faster recovery process can be seen after hair transplantation.

4- The survival rate of hair follicles is higher.

DHI transplant choi Pen

 Robotic DHI Hair Transplantation

Robotic DHI hair transplantation stands out as the newest alternative. Natural looking hair is obtained easily and painlessly. Sapphire is a very practical option compared to the FUE method. In robotic DHI hair transplantation, the procedures are completed in three steps.

  1. Grafts are collected
  2. It is placed inside the special tip “choi” pen.
  3. It is planted in the target area at once.

Hair Grafts are collected with the meticulousness of a jeweler. It is kept at +4 degrees in special coolers. Hair follicles are placed at the targeted points in one step and carefully. The process is completed without damaging the Grafts and losing their vitality. Time is saved in the application and recovery phase. The person can return to their normal life much faster.

DHI Hair Transplantation Side Effects and Precautions

Hair transplant surgeries are relatively safe. Rarely, various complications occur. DHI and FUE transactions are much safer than FUT.

Here are a few potential complications of DHI surgery;

1- Anesthesia:

During DHI, we apply local anesthesia to numb the scalp. Anesthesia is safe most of the time. But, some people may experience adverse reactions. These reactions are not caused by a sensitivity to anesthesia. It is usually related to Excitement or anxiety.

2- Infection:

There may be an infection in the area where the hair follicles are transplanted. Serious infections are rare. It occurs in less than 1% of hair transplant surgeries.

3- Shock hair loss:

 Shock hair loss may occur 2 months after the surgery. It refers to a temporary hair loss in the hair transplant area. Full recovery almost always occurs in 3 to 4 months.

4- Undesirable appearance:

Hair follicles should be aligned so as not to affect natural hair growth. Grafts are bad and improperly planted can lead to an unpleasant appearance.

Other potential complications of hair transplant surgeries include:

  • Bleeding
  • Dizziness
  • Pain
  • Increased heart rate
  • Inflammation of hair follicles
DHI transplant grafts
DHI Hair Transplant Method

Benefits and Features of DHI Hair Transplantation

The benefits of DHI hair transplantation determined by experts are as follows:

  • It minimizes the time that the hair follicles stay out of the tissue. Sowing is carried out in a healthier way.
  • The survival rate of hair follicles is quite high.
  • Since the incision area will be less, the risk of bleeding is minimized.
  • It recovers faster after the operation. Our patients return to their daily life in a short time.
  • Thanks to this technique, unshaven hair transplantation is easier.
  • Directing the hair follicles is easier than other methods.
  • More frequent planting can be done with DHI Hair Transplantation. It provides a natural and intense look.
  • After the application, the crusting and healing time is slightly shorter.
  • The grafts taken from the donor area are kept for a small time. The longer this period is, the more likely the hair follicle will be damaged.

Who can DHI Hair Transplantation be applied to?

Hair problem can happen to anyone in daily life. It may face conditions such as hair loss, hair thinning, and baldness. In such cases, help is sought by consulting a specialist doctor. Our doctors determine whether the person is suitable for hair transplantation.

He then conducts a preliminary examination. Gets detailed information about the hair problem. Hair transplantation is a very important and sensitive issue. Before the application, the patient’s medical history is examined. In this way, it is determined whether it is suitable for hair transplantation. Then the necessary work is started. It is generally preferred by patients over 30 years of age. It is among the best treatment methods.

According to this;

The procedure can be applied to anyone who is found suitable, regardless of gender.

The people who will have the application go through a doctor’s examination.

Hair transplantation is not performed in people with certain diseases.

Dhi hair transplantation is a very sensitive application. For this reason, it is required that the tests result in a positive direction.

DHI Hair Transplant Success Rate

The success rate seen in hair transplantation operations is 98%. The important factors affecting the success rate of DHI hair transplantation are;

  • Experience of the specialist performing the procedure
  • Application center hardware
  • Adequacy of the technologies used
  • Experience of the clinician who will perform the application

These items affect success rates.

DHI Transplant Treatment

What are the Features of DHI Hair Transplantation Method in Turkey?

Why is Turkey a better place for DHI hair transplantation than other countries?

Turkey is one of the top five countries in the world in health tourism. The Medical Tourism sector is growing rapidly all over the world. It costs a budget of more than $100 billion each year. Many developed countries in the field of medicine serve international patients. Many people worry about the cost of hair transplantation. Hair transplant  fees may vary depending on the type of service and the transplant area. Hair transplant examinations differ from person to person. But, most patients are quite satisfied with the results. The effect of the procedure is not only aesthetic, but also emotional. It gives many patients more self-confidence.

DHI Hair Transplant Procedure

You want to get information about DHI Hair transplant procedures. You have researched hair restoration surgery for a long time. You’ve decided it’s time to talk to a doctor. But your research should not end there. You should know that the hair transplant process is a long process. You should not forget that you can get support in the following processes. Let’s examine all these processes together.

Direct Hair Transplant Steps Step by Step

Stages in hair transplantation;

A blood test is done on the day of the procedure. Then hair analysis is done.

Then comes the planning phase. It is calculated which amount of graft should be planted in which area. Then, the front hairline separation is determined for the hair. The operation begins with local anesthesia. Then, grafts are taken from the donor area. The channels where the Grafts will be planted are opened. Finally, hair follicles are placed in these channels with a choi pen.Hair transplantation is completed.

The stages of direct hair transplantation can be listed step by step as follows:

1- Preparation (Blood test, hair analysis)

2- Planning (Shaving the hair, determining the front hairline)

3- Regional anesthesia

4- Graft collection

5- Channel opening

6- Planting of hair follicles

DHI Hait Transplant Stages of All
Dhı Hair Transplant Recovery Time

DHI Hair Transplant Recovery Time

DHI hair transplant recovery time is shorter compared to other methods. In DHI hair transplantation technique, the patient is discharged on the same day. You can rest for about two days. It is possible to return to your daily life. But, the healing process is considered to be an average of two weeks. During this period, you must follow the instructions given to you. It is important for the completion of your healing process in a healthy way.

The recovery period after DHI hair transplantation is approximately 12 months. At the end of the 12-month process, you will get your full hair completely.

Summary of DHI and FUE Hair Transplant Procedures in Turkey (Price, Duration, Hospital stay)

In the Sapphire FUE technique, the channels are opened with real sapphire ore instead of steel tips. Sapphire nibs are smaller than steel nibs. It is smooth. It enables the opening of frequent microchannels.

  • Processing is done with sapphire tips
  • More frequent hair transplantation is done
  • Healing process is comfortable
  • Less tissue damage

Hair transplantation with DHI does not must shaving the hair. DHI hair transplantation method;

  • Does not harm existing hair.
  • It focuses on the openings in the areas where the hair is sparse.
  • More frequent planting is done.
  • In the DHI method, the hair gets a natural look.
  • The patient quickly returns to his daily life.

According to this;

Total treatment time is about 3 Days.

Operation time is about 6-10 Hours.

The anesthetics used; Sedation Method and Local Anesthesia.

Time to get specific results is about 1 year.

Techniques used; Robot, Choi/DHI, Percutaneous, FUE, Sapphire.

Who Can Have It Done? Anyone who does not have a disease and is over the age of 18 can have it done.

What Are the Risks of the Operation? There Is No Current Risk.

What is the Full Recovery Time? It is 7-10 days.


DHI Hair Transplant After

DHI Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

The stage that is effective in determining the amount of DHI hair transplantation is technique. For example;

DHI Hair transplantation prices vary according to many factors in hair transplantation clinics. The first of these factors is hair transplant doctors. The level of clinical competence is also effective. Factors such as medical supplies used in hair transplant operation are included. There are criteria that people who research the price of hair transplantation should pay attention to. One of the first criteria; Transplantation is performed in a hygienic clinical environment. Also, the doctor who will do hair transplantation must be an expert in his field. Hair non-clinical places should not be preferred. DHI is a time-consuming and challenging technique.  Each method has its own pros and cons. The important thing is that it is the right choice for you. Our experts will determine the right method for you. Hair transplantation can be applied in many methods and different Graft numbers. It is not possible to determine a single price for the hair transplant operation. You should contact our experts for detailed information.





















DHI Hair Transplantation Before And After Images In Turkey

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