Hair Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy in Hair Loss

Hair loss is a problem that many of us experience. It can occur for many reasons. The causes are hormonal imbalances, skin disorders and genetics. Hair mesotherapy is a treatment method that prevents hair loss and strengthens hair.

Hair mesotherapy is the injection of vitamins and minerals under the scalp.

Hair mesotherapy is the preferred treatment method to prevent hair loss. If you are experiencing hair loss, taking early measures will be very effective. This treatment is very beneficial and gives quick results.

What is Hair Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is the injection of vitamins, minerals, keratin and amino acids. They are beneficial for the strengthening and growth of hair follicles. Strengthens hair roots with mesotherapy. It can prevent hair loss. Another advantage is that inactive hair cells re-awaken to help form new hairs. As a result of mesotherapy, the hair looks brighter, healthier and stronger. It is very beneficial to regrow hair. It is a method recommended by experts. Improvements occur within days. Follow the post-treatment instructions given by your doctor for a successful outcome. Experts do mesotherapy to support hair and prevent problems such as baldness. Hair mesotherapy has become very popular in Turkey. After the treatment, patients observe very good improvements in their hair and scalp. Mesotherapy, cost-effectiveness is attractive for both men and women. Hair mesotherapy in Turkey has always succeeded in giving positive results.

What İs Hair Mesotherapy For Women?
What İs Hair Mesotherapy For Man?

Mesotherapy After Hair Transplantation

We apply hair mesotherapy treatment to strengthen the results after hair transplantation. In mesotherapy, the treatment result is better. Recovery time is faster. Hair mesotherapy nourishes the transplanted hair follicles. Hair mesotherapy is an extra treatment method. Hair mesotherapy injection contains minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Our team injects it under the scalp with small needles. The American Health Organization approves Hair mesotherapy because of its proven results.

How is Hair Mesotherapy Done?

We have listed the different stages used for hair mesotherapy treatment below;

  • Thermotherapy: This treatment method is different and separate from hair mesotherapy. We aim to maximize the effects of hair mesotherapy. The ozonized liquid evaporates and is then applied to the scalp. After this steaming process, the scalp becomes soft. Our experts prepare the mixtures to be easily absorbed under the skin.
  • During the application of NPG Hair mesotherapy, our experts use many equipment. One of them is the hair mesotherapy gun. We insert small needles into this gun and make small holes in the scalp. The purpose of this process is to open the pores on the scalp. During the hair mesotherapy process, it is easy for the drugs to get under the scalp and spread to the scalp.
  • MIC is the next and most important stage of hair mesotherapy treatment. At this stage, experts prepare a mesotherapy mixture and inject it into the scalp. They can inject it by hand or they can do it with the help of a machine computer. We observe that it gives more effective results when done with a computer. That’s why we prefer to do it with the help of computer.
  • We apply the special mixture to the scalp and then wash and dry the hair with special lotions.
  • At the last stage, experts apply St. John’s Wort oil to the scalp. Thanks to this oil, the root canal of your transplanted hair heals faster. At the same time, we put an end to the risk of infection.

Thanks to centaury oil and mesotherapy, the healing process is much faster. 99% of patients see positive results immediately after treatment. Discomfort during recovery is also reduced.

How is Hair Mesotherapy Done?

Hair Mesotherapy Preparations

Hair mesotherapy injections contain many useful minerals, vitamins and elements. It contains Vitamin B, which is effective in hair growth and improves metabolism. Other ingredients in these blends include:

  • Zinc and copper: Both are very effective in preventing hair weakness and hair loss.
  • Hyaluronic acid: It is a useful element that accelerates hair growth.
  • Amino acids: They play an important role in the formation of keratin fibers.
  • Coenzyme: A component that maintains its vitality by improving the structure of the hair.
  • Minoxidil: It nourishes and strengthens the follicles with its vasodilating effect.
  • Procaine: It increases the absorption of drugs used during treatment.
  • Multivitamin blends
  • Biotin (Vitamin B7): Plays an effective role in hair growth and prevents graying.

Ready mixes are available for hair mesotherapy. Your doctor will determine the most suitable mixture for you. These mixes are not sold in bulk or individually. We use it during treatment in clinics.

Hair Mesotherapy Preparations
What to Follow after Mesotherapy

What to Follow after Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy provides re-synthesis and regeneration of the proteins under the scalp. Experts do the application steps in hair mesotherapy with precision. Injections contain many elements, minerals and vitamins. It places them in the layer called the “middle dermis” under the skin. Amino acid is a very important component for the skin.

Collagen production accelerates after hair mesotherapy treatment. The renewal process begins. At the end of the treatment, small wounds remain due to the holes opened during the application. You need to give them some time to heal. The healing process progresses quickly.

Some points to consider after hair mesotherapy;

  • Do not wash your hair for approximately 3 to 4 days after your hair mesotherapy treatment. Your doctor will tell you the best time to start washing following treatment. Balms, hot and cold water and certain shampoos affect results by disrupting healing.
  • Protect yourself from exposure to sunlight for at least 2-3 days. 
  • Do not engage in activities such as swimming and avoid getting your hair wet.
  • Do not use steam-baths or the sauna.
  • Avoid scratching and any unnecessary contact with the scalp. Only massage the treatment area when washing until full healing. 
  • Do not drink alcohol until the healing process is complete. Alcohol increases vasodilation, negatively affecting results.

Who Can Have Hair Mesotherapy?

Both men and women can have hair mesotherapy with a doctor’s permission. Though women achieve the same results as men, they may have to wait longer for them. Always follow your doctor’s instructions post treatment.

Hair Mesotherapy Benefits for both Men and Women include

The Benefits of Hair Mesotherapy in Men and Women are as follows.

  • Prevention of hair loss.
  • The strenghtening of hair follicles and increased growth.
  • The reduction in the speed of pattern baldness.
  • An effective and successful result.
  • The provision of the minerals and vitamins that the scalp needs.
  • The provision of amino acids.

It may take a little more time to get an effective result in women than in men. If you are having this treatment, you need to be patient. You must follow your doctor’s instructions.

How Long Is The Effect Of The Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy treatment effect does not give full results after a single session. The treatment will provide progressively more noticeable results after many sessions. You will start to see the effect after about 4-5 sessions. But, some patients can see a positive effect after a single session. After hair mesotherapy, you will notice that your hair has a soft texture and a shiny appearance.

How Often Should I Have Hair Mesotherapy? / How Many Sessions Does The Application Take?

Patients are most curious about the frequency and amount of hair mesotherapy needed. The most accepted is a frequency of 4 sessions per year. It is most appropriate to do it with an interval of 3 months. Treatments performed at regular intervals ensure positive results. 90% of patients with hair loss problems meet their expectations.

What is the Purpose of Allopathic and Homeopathic Cocktails in Hair Mesotherapy?

Allopathic cocktails contain vitamins, minerals, elastin, vasodilators, collagen and many other active ingredients. Before treatment your doctor examines your scalp, hair follicles and hair structure. Then it goes to the planning and treatment.

Homeopathic cocktails are herbal solutions created without the use of chemical components. It activates certain activities in the scalp. The effect of these cocktails occurs in different stages. Results take longer to appear.

Cost of Hair Mesotherapy 2023

Hair mesotherapy costs vary according to the number of sessions. Prices vary according to the number of sessions and clinical reliability. You must be sure to contact SALUSS Medical Group for a full quote. Physicians will make the most accurate assessment for each patient. Hair mesotherapy shows its effect clearly after 3 sessions. Here are the hair mesotherapy sessions and 3 session fees in the world and in Turkey.





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